Paratore Enterprises, Inc is proud to partner with Scanna, makers of high-performance security screening products for military, government and business customers.

West Palm Beach, FL. – February 13, 2023 – Paratore Enterprises, Inc and Scanna MSC Inc, makers of counter terrorism and threat detection technologies, specializing in high performance and ruggedized portable X-ray inspection solutions, have partnered to make their systems widely available to law enforcement agencies and the US military.

Paratore Enterprises, Inc, a consultancy focused on the Defense and Tactical market for U.S. and global companies is pleased to announce its collaboration with Scanna MSC, who have operations in Sarasota, Fl and in London, England. Their complete product line of both Direct Radiography (DR) and Computerized Radiography (CR) makes it easy for agencies to have both means for security and defense applications.

Dalia Paratore, Founder and President of Paratore Enterprises said, “We’ve been searching for a product line that delivers exactly what Scanna does. They offer both DR and CR systems, allowing for the safe inspection of suspicious packages, UXO inspection, post blast investigations and more.
Their high-resolution CR and DR, ruggedized and portable systems are well-trusted by law enforcement, government agencies and the bomb tech/EOD community.”

Henry Turtle, General Manager of Scanna Inc said “We are thrilled to have the backing of Paratore Enterprises as we introduce our latest and most advanced products to the market. Our well-established ScanX Scout system and our new, cutting-edge Scanno tactical solution are set to reach new heights with this partnership. We are eager to continue to provide the industry with reliable and innovative technology.”

Paratore Enterprises, Inc will be offering the Scanna X-ray products via sales demos and their reseller consortium, making these products easy to acquire via government contracting vehicles such as GSA contracts.

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Scanna MSC is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Portable Security X-ray systems and Detection Equipment for the Defense, Security and Industrial sectors. Scanna products are used by governments, military, police and commercial organizations in over 100 countries throughout the world with the Scanna brand is recognized as providing reliability and performance at highly competitive prices.

For more information, contact Dalia Paratore at (305) 905-0173 or [email protected]