West Palm Beach, FL – Paratore Enterprises, Inc, a consultancy focused on the Defense and Tactical market for U.S. and global companies is pleased to announce its partnership with the global brand Sani DefenX, with its corporate headquarters in Montreal, Canada. The Sani DefenX technology uses a patented ozone system to reduce harmful bacteria and viruses in and on personal protective equipment (PPE) and enclosed spaces.

Sani DefenX units are an essential item for sanitizing and decontaminating spaces and equipment used by the Military, Federal Agencies and state/local law enforcement. The ozone employed can be safely used on equipment, uniforms, hard armor or electronics while effectively reducing bacteria, viruses and odors. The technology used is safe and has been refined over two decades to include the most effective results and the shortest cycle time in the industry.

Dalia Paratore, Founder and President of Paratore Enterprises says, “We’ve been searching for a product line that delivers exactly what Sani DefenX does. These are not residential style units, these ozone products are already used by our Military, DHS, Federal Agencies and law enforcement to deal with harmful microbes like MRSA. Besides our government, over 28 NHL teams and 18 NFL teams use Sani Sport machines to keep their equipment and players safe. This Sani DefenX military line of decontaminating products is a must-have for all law enforcement, government agencies and military branches as it increases the life span and renders safe all equipment, vehicles, tents and office spaces while protecting those who serve and protect all of us.”

Steve Silver, Founder and CEO of Sani Sport and Sani DefenX says, “Third-party testing shows that our technology reduces up to 98% of harmful bacteria and viruses in helmets, boots, body armor and more. With the largest cubic capacity in the industry, we’re able to sanitize 36 helmets in just 16 minutes.”

Paratore Enterprises, Inc will be showcasing the product via sales demos, targeted events and its reseller consortium, making the product easy to acquire via government contracting vehicles, such as General Services Administration (GSA) contracts.

Paratore Enterprises, Inc.’s team has over 50 years of experience in providing product, strategy and consulting in government contracting and business management for organizations in the PPE, Defense and Tactical industry, as well as retail and commercial markets. We provide know-how in government contracting vehicles, vendor relations, trade show/event tactics, Dealer of Record implementation, competitive/differentiator analysis, Sales Leadership coaching and development. We enable companies to better target their audiences, improve reach, reduce churn and improve pipeline management.

About Sani Sport / Sani DefenX:
Sani DefenX stands at the forefront of Ozone Sanitation technology, offering cutting-edge solutions for thorough and efficient disinfection of PPE and athletic gear. With a rich history spanning over 25 years in the industry, Sani DefenX has played an integral role in sanitization protocols for esteemed organizations including the U.S. Army, U.S. Marshals, DHS, and various law enforcement agencies.

For more information, contact Dalia Paratore at (305) 905-0173 or [email protected]