One of the top exporters and employers in the U.S., the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry is a crucial contributor to the nation’s gross domestic product. However, the A&D industry is currently plagued with significant supply chain disruptions that hinder manufacturers from meeting desired product development and delivery timeframes. Combine this with the geopolitical shifts and resulting changes in tariffs, and A&D firms often find themselves in no-win scenarios.

Paratore Enterprises Inc. (PEI) assists A&D manufacturers in developing the best and most competitive products while navigating through emerging obstacles. A 50-decade incumbent in the defense and tactical products space, it evaluates market trends, requirements, budgets, and time frames to develop a plan that helps clients capitalize on the opportunities best suited to them.

PEI represents foreign and domestic clients, including the Department of Defense, Foreign Military Sales (FMS), federal, state, and local agencies, and commercial organizations. It provides know-how in contracting vehicles from government entities, vendor relations, trade show or event tactics, Dealer of Record implementation, competitive analysis, sales leadership coaching and development, among others. Essentially, PEI enables businesses to target their consumers better, increase reach, lower attrition rates, and enhance pipeline management.

Through its multi-ethnic and multi-cultural approach, PEI helps businesses better launch their products and expand their portfolio in different markets. It primarily supports three distinct spheres and verticals: military branches, state and county units, and the HAZMAT or explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) team.

PEI adopts a phased and customized client engagement strategy comprising three phases, educational, development, and implementation. Through this methodology, it maintains long-term clients, going beyond the scope of a consultancy and working as a member of clients’ sales and development teams. PEI facilitates its clients to grow from a commercial to a government sphere and educates them on how to sell products to federal, state, or local, helping them with intellectual property.

PEI’s ability to closely work with manufacturers of tanks, hard and soft armor, shooting ranges, and equipment for chemical and radiation detection, be it for training purposes or the actual detection itself, sets it apart in the market. It follows a three-pronged approach, serving as a standard consultant that assists with budgets and logistics, a manufacturing representative, and a supporter of technology development that examines what works, what doesn’t, and how to remain informed on the changes.

“We build relationships of trust by sharing feedback from end users like our warfighters, law enforcement officers, and first responders with our clients, helping them create the best and safest products,” says Dalia Paratore Harrison, founder and principal of Paratore Enterprises Inc.

PEI also acts as a subject matter expert in manufacturing processes by leveraging the know-how of its established contacts in the larger A&D space. Its workforce includes a variety of subject matter specialists with experience across multiple backgrounds, including chemical engineering, electrical engineering, aerospace, and law enforcement, as well as expertise in military proposals. Using its team of government contract experts, PEI ensures that proposal submissions are compliant, enabling its proposal-providing personnel to better advise their clients on how to proceed. This encompasses teaching clients about contracting vehicles and explaining how to acquire general services administration (GSA), terrestrial layer system (TLS), indefinite delivery indefinite quantity (IDIQ), or other contracts. Above all, PEI molds its services to client requirements, aiding them in branding, capability statement creation, SWOT analysis, and competitive advantage grids.

Collaborating with a consortium of distributors and resellers, PEI actively engages with many dealers instead of relying on a single partner for distribution and resale. It also connects manufacturing clients with proven distributors and end-users through impactful sales demos and meetings.

Recently, PEI assisted a technology company in creating a product that would significantly improve the design and development of gas masks. Their technology was best suited to read facial morphology, which helped in accurately determining the types of HAZMAT gas masks required for specific fields, uses, and sizes. For this project, PEI connected the client team with a utility company that used gas masks in their operations, assisting them in gaining real-world insights into their solution’s significance. Using the feedback from end users, they could develop the proposed application, ultimately enabling their customers to reduce costs, increase productivity, and boost employee safety.

Similarly, PEI has helped numerous clients through each step of complex contracting and procurement processes. Looking ahead, it wants to continue supporting clients in setting reasonable market goals and targets for their technology, product, or service and become the go-to partner for end-to-end A&D product development and delivery.