Paratore Enterprises, Inc continues to do its part to keep America’s economy strong and not stop working for its clients.

WELLINGTON, Fla., June 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Paratore Enterprises, Inc, a Florida company, never stopped traveling or visiting customers despite Covid 19. Headquartered in Wellington, FL, Paratore Enterprises, Inc, understands that our Military and Law Enforcement has continued to put their lives on the line to protect us. Paratore Enterprises’ owners and subject matter experts persisted in visiting partners domestically and abroad. Case in point, Paco Paratore recently returned from a tour of resellers in Mexico City, Puebla and Monterrey, Mexico.

“Our resellers and end-users have not paused,” explains Dalia Paratore, President and Founder of Paratore Enterprises, “they are keenly aware of the threats that our Military and Law Enforcement continually face. Paratore Enterprises, Inc considers it our duty to offer the best tools such as body armor, trace detection equipment, CBRN suits and bomb suits to those tasked with our protection.”

With over 70 years of experience working in defense and law enforcement distribution in various capacities, Paratore Enterprises helps First Responders and our Military procure the means to do their job while being protected. Working closely with its Resellers and Distributors to make available the best products, including in the international market.

“We work with our partners abroad to ensure that they have access to narcotics and explosives detection, as well as the body armor that their end users require”, said Paco Paratore, Subject Matter Expert and Client Advisor for Paratore Enterprises, Inc. “The Paratore Enterprises, Inc “Method” is well-respected in the industry and has proven sizable results for our clients in the Manufacturing, Distributor and Defense Technology space.”

The number of the FBI’s domestic terrorism investigations has doubled to 2,000 since September 2020. The FBI analysis also found violent crime was up by 3% nationwide, although not as uniformly as murder was. “With these types of statistics we need to make sure that we are equipping our Federal Agencies. I was just up in Wisconsin at an FBI EOD training”, said Chris Harrison, Vice President of Paratore Enterprises, “and I’ll be in Dallas and Phoenix in another week meeting with local law enforcement agencies.”