Defense Manufacturers and Contractors Should Not Be Playing Defense

Defense Manufacturers and Contractors Should Not Be Playing Defense

By : Dalia Paratore

You should be on the OFFENSE.  Not reactive but front and center. Why? The most obvious is a company's need to protect. You need to aggressively defend your contracts, products, market share and relationships. You need to mount an aggressive defense against your competitors; for this you need to identify and protect your customers.

Who are your buyer personas? Government contractors?  Other manufacturers?  Law enforcement agencies? Resellers?  End Users? Well, guess what?  None of them want to hear about your products. They want to hear about trends and challenges and how contractors and manufacturers are developing solutions to solve those challenges.

So how do you communicate this effectively? Social Media is the most important communications tool since the newspaper and is the number one tactic used by B2B companies. Create helpful content. And make it’s useful for those different buyer personas at each step of the purchase research phase. Think about every question you and your team receive while a prospect is evaluating your product or service

Pick the right channels (watering holes). One challenge for defense contractors and manufacturers ramping up their social media efforts is figuring out which social media channels to use. Go back to your buyer personas and determine which ones they use

Focus on your branding and marketing efforts in this unprecedented Coronavirus economy. Consumers are online now than ever so take advantage of that captive audience by showing them what you stand for. The two most important things you can gain from a successful social media presence are:

  1. Increased brand awareness: let your audience know who you are, what problems your products solve and other helpful tips that will improve their lives
  2. Chance to be recognized as a thought leader: become that trusted company that is forward thinking and leaning.  Especially in these trying economic times.

There are of course other benefits to using social media.  But for Defense manufacturers and contractors, those should be your top two.  While many of your competitors will take a wait-and-see approach (Defense), you can race past them by playing offense and leaning into branding and marketing in times of crisis and beyond.

Don’t know how to start or need help revamping your strategy?  Email us at or visit our website and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Paratore Enterprises, Inc team has over 70 years of experience in providing strategy and consulting for the Defense and Tactical industry, as well as retail and commercial markets. We provide know-how in government contracting, vendor relations, trade show/event tactics, Dealer-of-Record implementation, Competitive/Differentiator analysis, sales leadership coaching and development. We enable companies to better target their audiences, improve reach, reduce churn and improve pipeline management



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