What can man’s best friend teach us about marksmanship training systems?

What can man’s best friend teach us about marksmanship training systems?

By : Dalia E Paratore Harrison and Christopher Harrison

What can our dog friends teach us about marksmanship training systems? These training systems are usually simulators that use laser instead of bullets. This is different from a gun range where you would use live fire to shoot at a target. Marksmanship is knowing how and when to shoot, involving making the right judgement call and having proper aim.  Take a page out of your pooch’s life and see how it applies to your marksmanship training:

Live in the moment: For dogs there is no past or future.  They live in the here and now.  That’s what you should do when confronting a situation that would potentially require the use of your firearm.  You should react in that moment by using proper judgement.  Judgement that comes from ease and confidence in your abilities.

Overcome fear with love: Dogs can overcome their fear and insecurities through love, and so can humans. This is the love of knowing how to handle yourself well when confronted by a threat.  Instead of feeling anxious and making a poor call, you’ll know what to do.

Play every day: Dogs have fun even when they’re training.  You should too.  Make marksmanship and your training fun but creating scenarios, rolling on the ground to take shots and generally move around the space as if you were in a true situation.  Compete against yourself by trying to constantly improve your aim.

Enjoy the journey: Dogs don’t stress out over much.  Since they live in the present they don’t have many hang-ups. Nor should you if you use your time well. Improvement is a lifelong journey and this should be a cause for joy, not stress.  Instead of sitting on the couch watching Netflix, take 30 minutes of your time once a week to train at home or your place of business.

Be loyal and dependable: We know what we can expect from our furry friends and your family should know what they can expect from you.  If you are a gun owner who is committed to safety, marksmanship training is for you.  Good judgement and aim are perishable skills.  Constant practice is key.

Protection/Alert system: Dogs are great at alerting us to danger and then protecting us.  It’s their instinct and, with the right training, they protect us well.  The same applies to us.  We can be our own best protection.

Social and Socialized: When dogs are properly socialized they know how to behave and how to use their skills.  The same applies to a properly socialized gun owner: one who understands the responsibility that he or she has when handling and shooting that firearm.

Take the time to train with marksmanship training systems (simulators that use laser bullets) at the office or at home, and then validate those skills at the range. No matter what side you’re on, responsible gun ownership makes sense.  Part of being a responsible gun owner is knowing when and how to use your weapon.  This shows the due respect for our right to bear arms. 

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