This isn’t political, it’s practical.  Ladies and Gents, do you really know how to use your firearm?

This isn’t political, it’s practical. Ladies and Gents, do you really know how to use your firearm?

By : Dalia Paratore Harrison

In 2011 my kids and I were in a rollover accident.  Scary?  Not so much.  Why?  Because I’d rehearsed mentally what I would do if I was ever in that situation. Instead of panicking I went through the steps and got myself and my kids out of the vehicle and to safety.

What does this have to do with firearms?  Absolutely everything.  Most likely you have a firearm in order to protect yourself.  That said, having a gun and knowing how to use it are two different things. And training with your firearm is critical. Ladies and Gents, if you’re not confident, both your judgement and your aim will be off. 

While great to do, it takes time and money to go to a gun range.  So what can a busy person do? Enter marksmanship training systems or simulation training using laser versus live bullets. You know who uses these? Federal Agencies such as Homeland Security, Federal Air Marshalls and the ATF.  Law Enforcement at the state and local level use these too to train regularly.  There are plenty of economical versions that can be used at home or in an office (or station).  And folks, the advantage of training at home is that you are rehearsing precisely where you’ll need it the most.  This will keep you from panicking and will enable you to make the right judgement call if you need to protect yourself or your family. 

Here’s other advantages:

  • Train with your own gun.  Use dry fire training to reinforce your shooting skills
  • Train in privacy, at your convenience, and, in the case of home use, where you’ll need it the most
  • Train in safety and create your own scenarios
  • You can fire at a target from any angle, allowing for greater practice
  • Since your gun is not tethered, you can move around to use cover when engaging the ‘target’

All you need to set up a simulation system at home is a PC or laptop, a projector and use your own firearm (with laser transmitter).  Just as I rehearsed what I would do in a rollover accident and that kept us safe; rehearsing what you would do in the case of a home invasion or some other dangerous scenario, will keep you and your family safe.  Practice makes perfect.

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