10 Days and 10 Truths about Lake Tahoe - and how they apply to your business

10 Days and 10 Truths about Lake Tahoe - and how they apply to your business

By : Dalia E Paratore Harrison and Christopher Harrison

We recently got back from a 10-day trip to Lake Tahoe.  Anyone who’s ever been there knows that the place is fraught with history, beauty and massive amounts of tourists.  So that got us thinking.  What can Lake Tahoe teach us about business?   

History/Geology: The way the Lake Tahoe basin was made is remarkable and speaks to the beauty and power of our planet. How was your company formed and how do you operate now?  Is this solid?  Are your operations efficient?  Are you thinking about your process and workflow?  This impacts the quality of your products, your customer service and ultimately, your bottom line.

Marketing/Re-known:  Lake Tahoe is so well known because of all that it offers.  At this point, its brand is well developed and widespread.  Do you communicate frequently with your clients?  Do you send out press releases, post on Social Media, sponsor events (nowadays virtual because of Covid)?  Are your products and services well known?  What is different about you?  What story are you telling about your company and why clients should turn to you?

Beauty: Lake Tahoe is breathtaking and inspiring. Is your company beautiful?  What I mean is, does your company build, design, produce with inspiration in mind?  Do you have a purpose?  Inspiration is a beautiful thing.  Do you inspire through your leadership?  Through your customer service?  Are people in awe of your products?  Are they gushing about your company?  If your business is beautiful it will be profitable.  And you will have a purpose. 

Shared by CA and NV: Lake Tahoe is shared by both California (2/3) and Nevada (1/3).  Each state is proud of their portion and proudly proclaims it the “most beautiful”.  That said, they know they are sharing something valuable, and they make the most of it.  What does this mean?  It means that most likely you share the marketplace with other companies.  So what? Competition is good.  It makes us better. Use this fact to make your­­­­ advantage by keeping yourself and your employees sharp!

204 days of sunshine: Lake Tahoe enjoys mostly sunny days. That said, sometimes activities must be done indoors and there are plenty of things to do inside.  There’s a contingency plan.  Does your company have one?  Have you planned for Black Swan events?  Are you aware of your supply chain and how ill performance can affect you?  What about your IT?  Have you done your best to guard against cyberattacks?  There’s a lot to think about and time must be made to think, plan, prepare and secure your business.

Transparency: Lake Tahoe is famous for its crystal-clear waters and that creates a feeling of trust in its purity.  Business transparency is the process of being open, honest, and straightforward about various company operations. Transparent companies share information relating to performance, small business revenue, internal processes, sourcing, pricing, and business values.

Cold: Lake Tahoe is cold. That can make taking the plunge something you think twice about.  What you shouldn’t think twice about is following up on your leads.  You have to keep yourself top of mind by calling, emailing and creating that value-add.  Turn those leads into clients.  Don’t let them grow cold!

Fun: If you aren’t having fun in Lake Tahoe then there’s something wrong with you!  That’s what your employees and clients should say about your company.  Why should your staff be happy?  Retention.  Make your workplace a place that creates loyalty, staying power and the reputation for a great place to work.  You’ll save a bundle on having to re-train new employees.  And their enthusiasm and knowledge will keep your organization top class.

Safe: Safety is always important when venturing in the great outdoors.  The same applies to your proprietary information and any other information your organization manages such as client information, product data, financials, suppliers, etc.  Make sure you keep your data secure both in the real and virtual/cyber world.

Keep pristine: There are organizations and agencies that work hard to keep the Lake Tahoe Basin and surrounding areas pristine.  You should keep your brand, your reputation, your products and your services pristine.  This can be accomplished by following all the steps above.  After all, your baby (organization) is worth it.

Organizations sometimes need that extra perspective, experience and know-how from a third party.  It’s never a bad idea to contract a team of consultants to take you to that next level.  Your bottom-line will thank you!

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